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What is Prashnam?

Prasham is India’s first AI-powered feedback engine that collects real opinions from real Indians. What do customers think? What do viewers think? What do the youth think? What do women think? What do Tamilians think? What do voters think? What do Indians think?

No longer does one have to make big decisions based entirely on one’s intuition or in isolation. No longer does one have to be told by self-styled pundits on what people think. Read the FAQ for more details

Know it yourself. In a simple, timely and cost-effective manner. Using Prashnam.

Prashnam addresses a simple problem. How do you get opinions of citizens across India? Our platform seeks to revolutionise the insight gathering process cutting times from weeks to mere hours.

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The Prashnam Advantage

Current methods of opinion gathering are either unrepresentative of the real India (online surveys) or are very time consuming (door-to-door surveys) or very expensive (market research) or opaque (media polls).

Prashnam solves all these problems with a tool anyone can use. The Prashnam advantage

Scientific Sampling

Because of the size and depth of its database, Prashnam can ensure stratified, random sampling that yields a true representation of the population. 


Prashnam uses telephonic technology with an artificial intelligence engine to solicit hundreds of thousands of opinions in hours, rather than weeks.


Our vision is to be the Google of opinion gathering. Just as Google democratised research, Prashnam will make opinion gathering of Indians, affordable to all.

Use Cases


  • Find out how the brand is doing in a region
  • Ask people about a new product idea
  • Measure brand value


  • Get feedback from viewers rather than just anchor or guests

Economists and Policy makers

  • Consumer confidence
  • Inflation expectations
  • Employment

Researchers / Academics

  • Empirical research on any subject


  • What are voters thinking on an issue?
  • Who will win in an election?

Sales Leaders

  • Get accurate sales forecasts directly from your frontline staff
  • Get feedback from the work force on new products


Prashnam surveys have been featured in prominent publications

The Economist

The New York Times

About Us

Prashnam has been founded by Rajesh Jain, a serial tech entrepreneur. [Rajesh writes daily at]

Prashnam’s product and tech team is led by Chirag Patnaik.

Prashnam’s technical advisory group consists of some of India’s best empirical scientists and statisticians with deep subject matter expertise and vast experience.

Work for us

We are always on the lookout for individuals who can join us on our mission to improve citizen engagement in India. If you have experience in building world-class products or managing fast paced technology driven businesses, we would love to hear from you. We are strong believers in remote working and most of our development staff works from home. If you are excited about what we do and wish to work with our stellar team, drop us a line at


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Contact Us

Contact Us

If you would like to partner with us for any of our existing products or have a great idea to improve public life, do reach out to us by writing in at